How's My Kitty?
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ZOE, Entry for June 5, 2006

Today I created Zoe World! in the livingroom. Brought up all her toys from downstairs: scratch pad, scratching post, wands etc., and finally found her pink and green mice again she had stashed in your room.  She just loved it - and couldn't figure out what to play with first.  She took to the scratching pad right away and ran like mad after her mice I pitched around. She has such a great space to run  in. I even had her tearing up and down the stairs.  She is enjoying her red plastic drinking cup I put by the fireplace, but always gets distracted when she sees her reflection in the marble. She can't seem to understand who that is! It's really funny.  Don't worry dad, Zoe World!  will be all put away before you get home :)

2006-06-06 00:24:26 GMT