How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI (AM VISIT), Entry for September 14, 2006
Well when I walked in this morning, poor little Maxie was standing in the office looking woefully out through the glass doors! So I immediately rushed to his rescue and gave him lots of cuddles. Apparently he was in there hiding when you left last night, or somehow the door closed on him during the night or this morning. In any case, he's absolutely fine and no worse for the wear - and he didn't have any accidents in the office either, so that was great. He was however ,quite ready to eat and I scrubbed their pad  and set down breakfast right away.  Both seemed to remember me very well as Nikki was rolling around on the floor for pets as soon as I walked in.  It was so great to see my old pals again too. Max is SO fluffy now that his lion cut has grown out. Ah well.. more tonight!
2006-09-14 22:33:57 GMT