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COCO & CAVALLI, Entry for September 8, 2006
Today when I came in Coco and Cavalli had something very exciting to show me.  Outside of the window by the bed was a hornet (or a wasp?) that kept tapping the window.  Cavalli, being the brave cat that he is, decided he was going to 'save' Coco and I from the offending insect.  I held Coco in the doorway of the bathroom while Cavalli jumped off the bed over and over in an attempt to get that darn bug!  He kept hitting the glass and sliding down, and before I could worry that he was hurt, he would get right back up again and repeat his assault!  It was hilarious to watch, and I think Coco was more than amused.  After that workout, Cavi was pretty sleepy and after both cats ate plenty he cuddled up to me in the chair and conked out.  Coco needed lots of attention today and let me pet her until she nipped me to stop.  All is well with the scamps, and I look forward to tomorrow!
2006-09-09 16:46:55 GMT
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That is so funny Cavalli was the one interested in that bug. He usually does not participate in such a prolonged physical activity!! Moreso, Aaron and I have only seen Coco fly into the air repeatedly after something! I have a feeling we should not underestimate Cavalli anymore:) All is well here in New York. Just enjoying time with our families. We miss the sweeties so much and are excited to be done traveling next week!!

--Lisa & Aaron
2006-09-09 17:01:39 GMT