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WARICK & CACTUS (AM & PM VISITS), Entry for September 4, 2006
AM VISIT: Thismorning Warick and Cactus tag-teamed on the great freedom fight of 2006.  When I opened the door Warick took off between my shoes and when I went to get him at the end of the hallway and bring him back into the apartment, then Cactus took off!  These two must have planned that out in advance!  I think Warrick must have been telling Cactus about how cool the hall was, but then once Cactus got there he was all "This isn't interesting at all!" and ended up happily letting me pick him up and bring him back into the apartment.  Both cats ate well and there must have been something electric in the air because of the rain because Warick and Cactus were just pouncing all over each other.  They started running from the computer room to the bedroom, one going over the couch, one going under, at a breakneck speed.  It was hilarious to watch these flashes of fur go flying past!  I finally wooed them away from the running with some treats before I left and they both seemed very appreciative!

(PM VISIT) Thisevening Cactus was really talkative!  The minute I put the key in the lock I could hear him talking about how he was hungry, and wanted to play and probably telling on some sort of mischief that Warick got into.  I immediately scooped him up and pet her until he quieted down a bit.  We went through the food routine and Warick clued me into the toy cache under the sink.  Cactus found this little leopard with a bell on it and promptly went off into the corner to lick it and play with it, I couldn't get him to let it go!  After sniffing all the toys, Warick still decided the yellow feather toy was his favorite and we played with that for a bit.  He is so funny when he gets really into jumping up after the toy because sometimes he'll forget to look at where he's landing and fall!  But he always keeps his eye on the toy.  He's a very good hunter!  I gave both kitties a treat before I left and they were happy and content and ready for their owner's return.  These two were wonderful to get to know, and I hope to be able to keep an eye on them again sometime!
2006-09-05 16:11:05 GMT