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WARICK & CACTUS (AM & PM VISITS), Entry for September 3, 2006
AM VISIT: Today even Cactus was in the mood for freedom, and I had to drop my bag and put both hands out to stop them from running out the door! Cactus was very chatty this morning and there was a little diarrhea in the box, as we discussed by phone, but otherwise, both cats ate the wet food happily and seemed content and in good spirits.  I went to wash my hands and discovered Warick's affection for water, or rather, I should say, sinks.  After I turned off the water he jumped inside and started licking the leftover drops, getting himself pretty far under the dripping faucet, so when he came up to look at me he had a bit of a wet-cat-mohawk going on.  How adorable! We played for a bit with the ball and Cactus rested in the window.  By the time I left both cats were sleepy and curled up on the wood floor.

PM VISIT: Both cats were waiting at the door for me and were very talkative.  There was no more diarrhea in the box and they ate plenty.  Today was the first day that Warick wasn't interested in his ball after eating, instead he really wanted to play with the yellow feather toy.  At the same time, Cactus was in the mood for the dangly bell toy so I ended up sitting in the chair with both toys on either side and each cat doing it's best to get the toys away from me.  Warick has a sort of strut when he wants to get the feather toy away from you and it's up high, whereas Cactus is an amazing jumper.  She would get so into jumping that sometimes she wouldn't land on her feet!  I gave them each two treats at the end of my visit, a new trick to distract them from trying to run out the door when I go, but this time, it definitely didn't work.  As I was opening the door Warick ran out, fast as lightning and made it down the hall and around the corner.  I dropped the garbage and the keys and ran down after him.  We stopped in the hall, with him mid-run with his tail up, and had a sort of wild-west-showdown where we both sized each other up.  He then took off running to the door to the stairs by the elevator, where I picked him up and he started purring like it had all been a delightful game and he was ready to go home now.  What a silly, perhaps tomorrow they will be a bit more subdued?  Probably not!
2006-09-04 10:57:37 GMT