How's My Kitty?
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WARICK & CACTUS ( pics to come!), Entry for September 1, 2006
Tonight when I walked in, Warrick came out into the hall and attempted to make a getaway!  I immediately scooped him up and gave him lots of cuddles.  But what an escape artist!  I closed the windows, per request, even though Cactus and Warrick seemed to like sitting by the screens.  At 7:30  We went through our dinner time ritual and I and sat with them while they ate. Warrick had a great appetite, but Cactus ate kind of slowly and I had to shoo Warrick away a time or two:).  After dinner, as I was cleaning their bowls Warrick showed me his ball and we played fetch from the kitchen to the bedroom, while Cactus sat on the marbletopped end table and 'supervised'!  I still can't believe he'll bring the ball back! Once Warrick was tired of running he kept the ball to himself and started to nap.  By the time I left both cats seemed quite comfortable and and content.
2006-09-02 05:46:20 GMT