How's My Kitty?
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JAZZ & GUINESS, Entry for September 1, 2006
When I came into the apartment tonight Jazz was resting by his circle ball toy in the front room and greeted me with a meow.  We made fast friends, and I began the hunt for Guiness.  Jazz supervised my progress by laying on the bed while I put the food out in the hopes of coaxing out Guiness.  Finally, after searching every closet, behind the bed, above the kitchen cabinets, I checked behind the couch and Guiness took off running!  All I saw was a dash of a furry tail. Finally, after tidying up the litter box, I peeked into the bedroom to see BOTH cats resting peacefully on the bed.  I went to go pet them and Guiness jumped behind, while Jazz purred really loudly to prove he was having a good time!  Guiness finally got over a bit of his shyness when I offered treats to them, and Jazz let me brush him a bit.  All is well!
2006-09-02 05:35:39 GMT