How's My Kitty?
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COCO & CAVALLI, Entry for August 23, 2006
Coco's the shreader? I could have sworn he was too mature for that! Ha. Well the cool thing that happened today was that I discovered that Cavalli can Fetch!! That's a very rare trait. We only have one other cat that will actually run after a ball and bring it back just like a dog. Now Cavalli won't bring back a ball - BUT he will bring back the Channel ribbon everytime! I couldn't believe it! I'd roll it up in a ball, toss it across the room and he'd run like mad and drag it back to me! You probably already know this - but to me it was really great to discover how clever he is. Coco is enjoying playing with the black ribbon, but I have to dangle it over him enticingly on the counter where he likes to watch all the action.  The great thing about Coco is that he thinks everything I do is absolutely fascinating. He follows me in the kitchen making lunch, follows me to sweep up around the food bowls, follows me to the bath and sits facinated on the sink while I clean the boxes and sweep the floor. I decided that's why we all like cats. They always think we're SO interesting, nomatter what we do:) A far cry from my 16 year old:)! Cats  never go through that "You're so ridiculous" stage. Ha. Well - everything else is good, eating and drinking well - so have a safe drive to Houston and check in tomorrow!
2006-08-24 15:18:16 GMT