How's My Kitty?
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IZZY & GUS (MORNING & EVENING VISITS), Entry for August 9, 2006

I really have to laugh at Izzy - she tries really hard, but she's just not quite the jumper yet she'd like to be:) I'm kind of driving her crazy by putting all the toys on top of the tree and she immediately has to try and get them all down! But sometimes she doesn't make the landing and falls back. It's SO funny.  She tumbled back this morning and tonight! Gus on the other hand has no trouble at all - although he's not as desperate as she is to get all those toys off the top! Haha. Gus was really cute tonight too. He keeps trying to climb under my skirt! What is it that kittens find fascinating about skirts??! Then he also climbed in my lap and gave me little kisses! So sweet...  Both of them Really liked getting scratched all over too. When I was leaving, I put their food down, which they usually start to eat right away, but gave them some good-bye scratches - and Gus just stretched one paw out for the food but other than that was too content to move:)  It was SO cute! And I put a little Beethoven on for them tonight - never too young for a little culture!

2006-08-10 06:44:27 GMT