How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI (EVENING VISIT WITH TECH), Entry for July 19, 2006
I had Technician Jane come and give Max and Nikki a little "high maintenance" kitty check. I wanted to finish cleaning Max's tail and feet, remove the larger scabs on the skin so we could get the medicine in to do its work, give ME another lesson in pill administration (which was well worth the time and cost!) as well as clean his ears and give him a thorough brush out, as the ointment was tangling up his lion's maine.  Also Nikki's behind needed cleaning as well, poor chubby thing:). So now, between the two of us, both are ship-shape!  Max took it the best, and was actually purring as we worked on his little face - as he's still pretty itchy, despite the Prednisolone.  Nikki had a fit again while we cleaned her behind. But it simply HAD to be done, as she was staining the pink couch - which I have now put a cover over, and will work on removing the light stains with a proper solution for that fabric. Also, I bought them a NEW litter box. That automatic one is just a disaster - poop gets stuck in the grate, the area for them to use is really too small, etc etc. The old fashioned ones are still the best in my opinion, and far easier to maintain and keep sanitary.  Cheers!
2006-07-20 15:50:57 GMT