How's My Kitty?
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MOLS, Entry for May 25, 2009
Mols was doing well today, but instead of being able to catch her in the hall or livingroom, she was taking a nap under the covers.  So, I opened a fresh can of cat food, lifted the sheet and blew on it to send a little of the aroma her way:)  Not much reaction though - she was more interested in continuing her nap than investigating the food.  My cat tends to spend most of the day burrowed under the covers too, so I took it in stride.  I soon went about doing the chores and retired to the living room to wait a bit and see if she'd wander out.  Unfortunately, she stayed put, so I gave up, took a chair and my cat dancer and camped out at the side of the bed.  I lifted the cover and played peek a boo  few times and folded the cover back to see her cute little face.  She snuggled with the tip of the cat dancer a bit - then even came out and rolled around with it on the bed for a while.  After a while she decided she had had enough and did a once around the apartment before returning back into the bedroom.  Hopefully Mols will be out and about when I arrive tomorrow! More adventures of Steve and Mols soon!  
2009-05-26 17:40:12 GMT