How's My Kitty?
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MUSSI, Entry for December 21-23, 2008
21- Good evening!! Mussi is the best kitty in the world, and is a very affectionate cat. He literally followed me around as I did my chores, I even stubbed my toe on him when I turned around and he didn't even budge. He is so silly!! I took in the afternoons mail, and made sure the mail box was closed. Mussi got his wet food that he inhaled. He was not too keen on playing with the string with me; he just wanted me to pet him. He also got some treats and catnip. Other than that all is well!! Have a great night!! :)

22- Good evening!!! Everything was A-okay at your house today. Mussi was awaiting his wet food in the kitchen. I made sure to play with him most of the time..... he is an attention getter!!! He is so sweet and if he was not so small I would squeeze him to pieces, he is so cute!! I also took in the mail as well. Have a great night. :)

23- Good evening!! Today I had to sweep your front three steps from snow. I took in the mail and made sure the mail box lid was shut tight. Mussi got his wet food. It was funny because when I came in and before I turned on the lights I could hear Mussi jump off of something from upstairs and run across the floor and down the stairs and right to me. lol. I picked him up, kissed him and hugged him telling him I missed him too. He is the best cat ever!!! Have a great holiday!!!
2008-12-24 14:28:01 GMT