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Brooklyn, Entry for December 20, 2008
First date with Brooklyn off to a slow start because keys left with doorman didn't work as you now know.. but you have a very nice maintenance man and doorman, so we're muddling through:) So, at last I met Brooklyn and he is a sweetie. He came out to greet me very calmly, a little curious, just slightly interested. Came within a few inches of an outstretched hand, sniffing but not ready for first contact. Had been in the bedroom, but slowly came to see me in the hallway. After our meet and greet, I proceeded to see where things were and what needed to be done. Then took care of the Feeder and water containers. Both bowls  washed with soap and hot water, refilled with chicken treats (finishing off pouch) and fresh a can of beef (seemed next in rotation:).Cleaned litter box. Double-bagged used litter, food trash, used paper towels, etc. and dropped down chute near elevator on way out. Also gathered up a few pennies laying about and added them to the coin jar in kitchen. As I was finishing things up, Brooklyn came out again and I tried to interest him in one of his wand toys, but he as still playing a little hard to get. He checked me out a bit more and then back to his hammock hiding place, where I could see him calmly looking out at me as I said bye-bye. Saw his brush on the table and will try it out when he seems ready for more contact. No meowing at all, no interest in getting out the doorway. Just calm and curious. No worries.

Back for more tomorrow!
2008-12-22 08:38:28 GMT