How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI ( MORNING VISIT), Entry for July 15, 2006
Max got his treatment first thing this morning and then I gave him treats and breakfast.  Afterwards I combed him and he loved it.  He really enjoyed having his belly rubbed and brushed!  Niki seemed to be getting a little jealous of the attention and finally came over to us meowing and complaining.  I combed her a bit and she got in my lap and settled down.   The three of us just sat on the floor and I tried to pet them and comb them at the same time.  I pulled a few of the shades down in the windows because it's supposed to be unbelievably hot in the next few weeks; hopefully that and the AC will keep it nice and cool in there for the kids.  Take care!
2006-07-15 15:54:48 GMT