How's My Kitty?
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Umai, Jabs, Tango the Parrot & Dragons, Entry for August 8-9, 2008
I've decided the "lizards" are just too big to be called Lizards. Whenever I think of Lizard, I remember those teeny little guys that would come up and look at me while I was sitting next to the pool in Palm Springs:) I'm thinking maybe you called them lizards when you first called to make a reservation in order not to scare us?? lol. Anyway - the dragons have been acting more dragonlike, especially Ruby & Vitra who started to be much more active on Friday. Both of them seemed to be very interested in me - facing forward and watching my every move as I pass by, whereas before they seemed to be oblivious. Not so now. They've had plenty of food and always have a bit left when I arrive so I couldn't figure out what they wanted. So I tossed in a few bell peppers on Friday night as a snack on top of what they hadn't finished. Ruby snapped a few up, but they still kept staring me down. Oh yes - Vitra has also been trying to to get a little action with Ruby... Tango seems happy and I've been hearing him singing and chatting every visit before I even open the door. He was dropping his whole tomatoes  to the bottom of the cage, so I decided to cut them in halves and thirds which he seems to like.  As for the kitties.... the big news is that Jabs started coming out to the kitchen on Saturday morning and actually hopped right up on the kitchen counter fearlessly. Guess he figures there's not much percentage food-wise in being shy. lol. I started off by bringing his food to him as he sat in the doorway to the bedroom... so I think he figures I'm not so bad:) Also, been wiping Umai's eyes everyday because of that normal Persian drip they all seem to have and she's been very good about letting me do it.
2008-08-10 13:48:36 GMT