How's My Kitty?
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Tucker, Bones, Maggie & Jordan, Entry for July 4, 2008
What a great little group you have!  When I came in, I found Tucker & Bones sleeping together on the chair in the kitchen and Maggie was getting some sun in the window. Jordan was nowhere in sight and I assumed she was upstairs and we'd go on a hunt for her after lunch. Well... as soon as they saw me, everybody stretched and came out to say hello, jumping up on the counters and island. It was a very warm welcome to be sure. All were happy to see their bowls being checked and filled and helped themselves to a few bites. My notes say Tucker has a black collar but I'm wondering if he has the pink one instead because Mr. Pink collar stuck like glue to me wherever I went.  I went in search of Jordan upstairs in all her known hiding places, but no luck. After that  I asked if anyone wanted to join me downstairs, but I didn't have any takers... so headed down alone and took care of all the boxes and did a bit of sweeping. After that, I headed back up where everyone was waiting anxiously for more attention and pets. Then headed out to the yard and they all peered out the windows while I watered the garden. The sun was blazing hot by noon, and the flowers were quite happy as well for some attention. On my way out the front door I said goodbye until tomorrow to my little threesome, when suddenly I turned and there as Jordan sitting on the stairs as if to say "Where are you going?" Sheesh! So I walked over and she let me give her a few pets and suggested she come down a little sooner tomorrow:)
2008-07-05 11:47:59 GMT