How's My Kitty?
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Coco & Sweet Betsy, Entry for June 18, 2008
Sweet Betsy and Coco were doing well today.  There was no one to greet me when I came in today and I went straight to the back bedroom where I found Sweet Betsy.  She started giving me her cute little meows and I sat down beside her and gave her some scratchies for a while.  She followed me to the kitchen anticipating her food.  As soon as I popped off the lid of the cat food can, Coco came racing into the kitchen to join us.  While they ate, I did my chores.  When I reappeared in the dining room Coco was there and ready for her brushing.  She wanted to be brushed today on her scratching pad .  She rolled around and had a good time surrendering every little inch of fur to the brush.  I also brushed the scratching board, which had become a carpet of fur.  While she was finishing straightening out her fur  I turned my attention to Sweet Betsy and headed for the back bedroom.  She looked up at me and gave me a few meows which I took as permission to sit next to her and we had a nice  long session with the brush and she also received many scratchies.  She washed my wrist a few times, kneaded on the bed covers and gave my nose a few taps with hers to indicate to me that she was having a good time.  After awhile, she hopped off the bed and followed me into the kitchen and went to the litter pan. So I grabbed the laser and headed for Coco.  Coco gets so intense with the laser.  Pouncing and tearing around.  She was so cute at one point she took a time out and hopped up on the chair near the TV and draped her self over the padded arm for a while.  After a while I broke away from Coco to check on Sweet Betsy.  When I walked into the bedroom, she stood up in bed and started meowing at me until I came up next to her for some serious snuggling. and to say good bye:)
2008-06-19 22:56:26 GMT