How's My Kitty?
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Snowball & Patches Entry for June 16, 2008
Patches simply loves to play, he is such a great little kitty! Both of the kitties' bowls were licked cleaned, and thheir litter box looks norma today. I did find, however, that the matt under the litter box was soiled today, so I rolled the matt up and placed it across from the toilet to make sure that I was able to clean it off. The kitties must have had quite the play time while I was gone, because I also found an earring while cleaning the "cat corner." I left it in a plastic cup where it's easy to find, so I hope patches doesn't knock it over! Today Snowball manage to be gutsy enough to make her way to the wet food dish while I place the bowls down, I assume she was tired of having to wait to get to the wet food second after Patches. I have had a great time with these two! I hope you are having a great trip!
2008-06-17 00:15:36 GMT