How's My Kitty?
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Orion, Entry for April 11, 2008
am- Well, I had another great visit with Orion.  We have settled into a

routine now. Orion met me at the door and escorted me to the kitchen. 

He plopped down on the floor while I removed my coat for a quick little

tummy scratch.  He closely supervised the preparation of his canned

food.  Part of that close supervision requires that he put his head in

the bowl while I am trying to add the food.  As soon as I managed to

get the food into the bowl, I put it on the floor and picked up Orion,

gave him a hug and placed him in front of his bowl.  After Orion ate

for a few minutes he sought me out for more tummy scratches and some

play.  This morning we played with the cat dancer as it is too bright

for efficient laser play in the mornings.  After catching, holding and

biting the card board tip for a while he went into his spotted cube to

stalk it as it passed by.  After his play and scratchie time he went

back to his bowl to look for leftovers. When he does this it gives me

an opportunity to do the litter pan.  When he was done in the kitchen

he peeked in on me in the office while I was using the small vacuum by

the litter box to pick up the stray litter on the carpet.  We went back

to the living room for some more scratchies, some brushing and some

play with the cat dancer while watching a little TV.  After a while, I

reluctantly prepared to leave.

pm-Orion met me at the door as usual and we immediately fell into our

roles.  Orion led me through our visit as he usually does without much

deviation.  We had some laser play along with the cat dancer.  We

watched some Star Wars on TV.  At one point he lounged on the chair

next to me while he did a little personal grooming.  We rolled around

on the floor together during his brushing and scratchies while he

periodically pawed the air with contentment. He is such a sweet little

cat and I continue to find it difficult when it is time to end our

2008-04-13 18:01:57 GMT