How's My Kitty?
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ORION, Entry for April 10, 2008
AM- Orion and I had a great time this morning.  He escorted me to the

kitchen for his morning wet food and later on supervised my litter pan

cleaning techniques.  We watched some TV and had a great time with the

laser light.  We spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor too. 

When Orion rolls over on the floor to expose his tummy and looks up at

me- that's my cue to get down and give him a scratch.  He will

then roll around pushing with his back legs and kneeding the air with his

front paws while I give him scratchies.  It is really quite cute.  I

also introduced him to the cat dancer today which he really enjoyed , especially when I dragged it on the carpet.  We spent quite some

time together this morning as the weather was rainy & cold -  and Orion is so  much fun to be with.

PM- Orion met me at the door and escorted me around while I did my chores. He ate all of his wet food and settled in with me for some quality

time.  We had our usual rolling-around-on-the-carpet-tummy-scratching

and-brushing-time, punctuated with some laser play.  This evening we

had a good time with his little wand with the bell and streamers. 

Orion would stalk it from his little spotted cubicle and pounce and

chase it when it would pass by.  We had another long visit as the

weather continued to be more of the same and I had a little extra time.
2008-04-11 15:43:23 GMT