How's My Kitty?
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OAKLEY & ZIGGY, Entry for February 16, 2008
Well the good news for the day is that I finally got Ziggy to pop out from inside the bedsprings this morning. Yea!! I just kept calling her name over and over - and finally she couldn't stand it any longer. Problem is... Oakley sits underneath grumbling under her breath - which makes Ziggy a little anxious and worried about coming up to me - although I can tell she wants to. Otherwise, they are eating very well and food is finished between visits. Litter is normal as well - However! I did forget to tell you that on my very first visit Yesterday - I found a fair amount of vomit in the bedroom. Since then though - there have been no further instances. perhaps you left them a little extra food before you left and somebody gobbled it down too fast? All's well since then though, so no worries here. Cheers!
2008-02-17 15:08:47 GMT