How's My Kitty?
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CHLOE, Entry for November 22, 2007
Chloe was very, very excited to see snow flakes!  She was staring intently out the window (by the scratching post) and was making several jumps and swats and then I realized it was every time a snowflake came near. This holiday spirit might also have been responsible for the fact that when I came in she had knocked over one of the candle light decorations near the tree and broke the glass...I picked up all the pieces and double/triple checked both her paws and the area. She was fine and I cleaned and went over and over the floor until I was sure there was no glass.  It didn't shatter so it was easy to find the pieces actually.  I placed the lamp under the counter next to the trash in the kitchen.  Apart from that she was playful as ever...ran back and forth after the spider on a stick...jumping all over her scratching post and wanting to run up and down the hallway.  She was very curious about everything I did from feeding her to writing notes, to looking in my bag.
2007-11-23 13:11:44 GMT