How's My Kitty?
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Punk & Bandit (am & pm visit) Entry for November 22, 2007
This morning I found the apartment to be very quiet - the kitties must have been napping! I made sure to fill up their food bowl for some breakfast and cleaned out the litter, then I went on my search to find the two. I went right for the bedroom to find a little lump in the middle of the bed, so Bandit must have been having his morning nap! In the kitchen, I found Punk on top of the cupboards, relaxing. They seem to be having a great Thanksgiving! For my visit this evening, I found the little lump yet again under the covers, but when I peeked under, the little eyes seemed a bit frightened so I thought Id let Bandit nap more. Punk was even more shy, and after searching his usual spots I could still find no sign of him. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to meet these two cuties!
2007-11-22 19:39:18 GMT