How's My Kitty?
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BENNY, AM VISIT, Entry for November 20, 2007
Benny was hiding when I entered this morning. I was greeted by Helen and we chatted for a bit. I set Benny's breakfast out, called his name and did a quick search upstairs for him. Headed downstairs and saw him "hiding." - Mostly likely due to the sounds of Helen's vacuum cleaner and so forth. He followed me over to his litter with a couple of meows and I gave him lots of pets. Took care of the litter - all was normal, and then scooped up Benny. Gave him lots of kisses on the head and scratched his ears. Benny was very content and started purring so I just carried him around in the basement for awhile. He's so cute! I set him down and went upstairs to get a couple of toys. Benny chased his shoelace for awhile but then opted for more cuddle time. We sat in the basement until it was time to go, then I led him upstairs to show him his breakfast, and promised him extra playtime if he wants it tonight!
2007-11-20 18:52:09 GMT