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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for November 11, 2007

Both Bear and Sunset met me at the door today and were just as friendly as sweet as ever - I gve them lots of pets and attention first  - then they followed me all around to refill their water and food bowls. Sunset has the cutest habit of eating right away when I arrive. I think she's a social eater:) Chloe was is fairly good spirits - for being isolated.. and got her share of attention too. She's been enjoying her black bed and hanging out in the laundry hamper in the bath. An unfortunate problem though is her peeing on the hardwood floor between visits. I have cleaned it up twice now - but I'm sorry to say she is doing some damage in terms of staining... Perhaps you could ask about some sort of protective coating for the floors... After that, I scrubbed Bear's behind and he's all clean again. It's not too much trouble if done regularly. I left the cloth napkin I used for Bear  hanging on the black trash can in the kitchen. The other Halloween napkin is hanging on the stove - which I only used to dry dishes with.  Well.. hope you had a good flight and I look forward to seeing the kids again soon! I hope we can figure out something with the floors tho! If all else fails, perhaps a couple large tarps will do.

2007-11-12 14:09:35 GMT
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Thanks! I did get the wet food just before I left. Apparently, the vet thinks that the Chairman is getting a little round. He suggested just what you did--split the can between them. They don't seem wild about it but maybe it'll trim him down! Thanks - And Russia is COLD!
2007-11-15 11:02:15 GMT