How's My Kitty?
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HALEY & MATSON, Entry for November 6, 2007

Haley & Matson we just as cute as can be when I arrived. I can't believe how puffy both of them are! Haley was absolute adorable and flopped down on her back and wiggled all around hoping for tummy rubs as soon as I stepped in the door. I couldn't resist of course and got right down on the floor with them. Matty came over for love and attention too so it was a very warm welcome. They had finished all their wet food and most of the dry - so washed their bowl and set down fresh and refilled their water. After that they followed me to supervise the litter and then we sat down on the livingroom floor and played with the wand. It was a great visit and these two are so precious!

2007-11-07 13:45:04 GMT