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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for November 5, 2007

Well! When I walked in today, Maggie was underneath the diningroom table which was a first. So I walked as slowly and quietly as I could toward the kitchen to get some bribes.. Fortunately she just kept an eye on me and didn't budge or make a sound - and then Kravitz walked out to say hello! That was really great because it gave me an opportunity to get down and give him some love and pets, which hopefully Maggie might want too. Well she watched us having a good time for quite awhile and even stayed quietly while I put down their meal and topped off the dry food. Funny thing is that when I picked up the water, refilled it and set it down she gave me a hiss ! .You think she prefers bottled water?:) Anyway, after that she slipped off into the bedroom while Kravitz and I  finished up the chores.  Then I headed to the bathroom and shut the door - but when I came out, there was Maggie waiting for me under the chair.  Rats! Unfortunately, the only way out was right in her direction and even though I moved as slowly as possible it still was not the direction she wanted me to go in - and she told me so.  So I was trapped trying to figure out a strategy for the longest time... Eventually, I managed to get quickly by with only one clap and a firm "No Maggie". Meanwhile, Kravitz  calmly observed all the activity from the top of the dresser in the bedroom. He was definitely a little angel tonight - FYI, I had a consultation tonight with Maggie's twin. Same color, similar attitude - and mom and dad know all about it... She's also only 2 blocks away from you. What are the odds???? !!! This is going to be one challenging week! Stay tuned for Oakley:)

2007-11-06 06:42:05 GMT