How's My Kitty?
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Nami & Isis for August 2, 2007 AM & PM
Nami and Isis continue to do well. We have settled into a routine at the house and the girls have adapted well. Isis made it to the top floor twice today and was rewarded with her scratchies and some play. Nami of course tears up and down the stairs with great vigor. She sometimes runs straight up her cat tree, however 50% of the time she runs straight for the arms of the chairs and sharpens her claws on the chairs. I get her to stop immediately, but she probably does this when no one is at home as well. There are double stick plastic strips that you can put on the furniture surfaces that will discourage her from this behavior. It will certainly save your chairs and ottoman. After our play session and a little TV upstairs today we went back down to the first floor for some play with the wand with the feathers. I also gave Isis some scratchies on the rug and she washed the feathers and groomed herself in her excitement. I always hate to leave your little ones.
2007-08-03 17:49:47 GMT