How's My Kitty?
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DENNY, Entry for July 1, 2007
Hi there! First of all did I thank you yesterday for the cupcakes??? They "were" YUM and I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. Denny had a very good day today. In the morning, he came sleepily down the stairs to greet me and when I picked him up he was all toasty warm. So he must have been snoozing the the morning sun. He wasn't quite ready to run around yet, so we watched a bit of news and took it easy. In the afternoon, I had my son Chris stay with him for a couple hours to give him a little extra company. From all accounts they had alot of fun:) although you should have seen Denny's eyes bug out when he first saw him. Chris is 17 and 6 foot 3. lol.  Denny looked like he'd never seen anything so big. haha. But Mr. Denny got over his initial shock pretty quickly and was soon scratching on his pad and running around. More tomorrow!
2007-07-02 14:39:59 GMT