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JOE & FRANK, Entry for April 30, 2007
When I arrived at the house, I went up to the living room and found Joe in his place on the chair at the dining room table.  It didn't take long for Frank to show up.  He of course walked me through and supervised my chores both with the food and the litter.  The outside door the deck had become unlatched again.  We had some very strong wind associated with the storm that came through the night before.  When I came back down Joe was still on the chair at the end of the dining table.  I turned on the TV for some background noise and sat on the floor as close to the table as I could without spooking Joe and scooted toward the chair until I could put my hand on the chair seat.  Joe sniffed my had and remained in the chair for a while, but soon disappeared upstairs.  Frank of course rolled around on the rug in several places for his scratchies and came up on the back of the chair behind my head later on for more attention.  When I left I told Frank not to worry that I would be back tomorrow to play with him again and I asked him to tell his little brother that I'm OK and would like to play with him as well.
2007-05-01 23:20:58 GMT