How's My Kitty?
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MR. MAX BROWN, Entry for April 18-19, 2007

4/18 - Today was "Movie and a Massage" Day. After lunch and our daily chores Maxie and I lounged on the couch - well, he prefered to sit on the arm rest and have a massage while we watched Murder, She Wrote.  I was amazed he didn't move for the longest time, and purred and purred. He was quite relaxed and happy.

4/19 - Today we were back to running around after Mr. Leprachaun. Max was particularly crazy for acrobatics today and flew around like a nut. He also tossed Mr. Leprauchaun around all my himself! After that he did about 5 jumps up the wall to catch the parrot by the door. Seems like his old self to me!

2007-04-20 13:42:33 GMT