How's My Kitty?
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ROXANNE & RILEY, Entry for April 14, 2007

I love how these kitties are by the front door when I walk in!  I think they know me by now so Riley immediately lies on the floor and rolls over to show me his tummy which I have already told him is the best feline tummy

in Schaumburg and he knows it and takes full advantage.  Rox seemed hungry and she headed straight for the kitchen. Riley really didn't seem that interested in the canned food although he did eat some before I left. 

He seems to be preferring the dry.  Rox followed me in to the bathroom while I was cleaning the litter.  That was a first!  They both came to the front door to say goodbye and I told them I would see them tomorrow.  I will be there late afternoon.  Enjoy your trip and no worries here.

2007-04-15 15:30:03 GMT