How's My Kitty?
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NINIA, Entry for March 3-6, 2007
Ninia's hanging in there and has been meowing before I walk in -

tho today (tuesday) all was quiet at first, 'cause she was just waking up on

your bed. But she came out pretty quickly and just loved sitting

on the couch with me and wiggling  back and forth endlessly for pets.

Picked up the mail and watered the plants yesterday. They

weren't desperate - but were ready - good timing. I brought them down

onto the bar and will probably leave them there until your return so

I can check on them more easily everyday.  Also am giving Ninia some

wet food avery (3) days which she's eating almost all of. So all's going

along smoothly so far. She doesn't seem desperate - and appears

pretty relaxed overall when I arrive. Hope you're having a FABULOUS

2007-03-07 12:02:36 GMT