How's My Kitty?
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SIMBA & SCHNURRBART, Entry for February 1-2, 2007
Hi there! Well I found a bit of vomit in the hall on the first which was a bit of a concern. I had given them a packet of wet food to share the day before and it could have upset one of their tummies, but not sure about that - because it didn't happen the last time.  Hmmm. Good news is, when I came today everything was fine and both were in good spirits and friendly as usual. So I think we're ok. Been giving both long brush outs daily which they both like and playing with Simba as much as possible. He's still such a kitten at heart :) Snubbs would let me brush her all day I'm sure - and she's looking especially fluffy lately.  I told them both you'll be home soon. They'll be so glad to see mom I'm sure! Have a safe ( and loooong) flight back tomorrow! Cheers!
2007-02-03 10:41:07 GMT