How's My Kitty?
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BAZZ AND SPAZZ (VISIT) Entry for January 10, 2007
I received a lovely greeting today from both Bazz and Spazz. They were relaxing in the living room when I arrived, and came right up to the door to say hello - purring and all! I started my visit off by playing with their wands. Bazz would sit on the arm of the couch while Spazz would watch from the ground as I swung the wand back and forth. They would follow it with their eyes, and then would take turns at attacking it with their paws. What cuties! After the attention started to draw away from the wands, I made sure they received their lunch, which they were both incredibly excited about. Spazz meowed and Bazz watched anxiously as I placed the wet food in their dishes. They both ate right away and then we spent the rest of the visit playing with the wand and cuddling. I absolutely love visiting these two! I hope you are having a great trip!
2007-01-10 22:40:48 GMT