How's My Kitty?
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SNOWFLAKE AND SPRINKLES (VISIT) Entry for January 3, 2007
It was great to be able to visit these two cuties today!! When I entered, I went straight to the food to make sure enough was there. When I was adding water to the water dish, I accidently dropped a cup and Snowflake took off right for the couch..poor thing! :( I quietly crawled over to her with a little dry food and kitty treats in hand. I softly called her name and tried to get her to eat the treats. Even Sprinkles tried getting her to come out with some loud meow, but she just stared back at us with her beautiful glowing eyes. Tomorrow I will make sure not to so clumsy! Sprinkles, on the other hand, was not frightened by the noise. She just followed me around the house until I sat down and allowed her to climb into my lap. We had a great snuggle session! :) I tried to tempt Snowflake out again, but she wanted to stay put. Tomorrow she won't be so shy. :) Hope you are having a great trip!!
2007-01-05 06:38:06 GMT