How's My Kitty?
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SULLY, REILLY & DOTTIE, Entry for December 25, 2006
Sully gets the award for most social kitty of chicago this week! He

greeted me at the door, followed me to the kitchen and jumped up on

the counter and pawed at me, doing his best to get right in my face.

It was very cute and I was happy to give him lots of attention. I fed

the cats immediately, because they all swarmed me, excited for food.

IMPORTANT: In the consultation form, it says Dottie needs

Cosequin and that it would be left on the counter for her. I did not

find any Cosequin on the counter, nor in the cabinet with the cat food.

I looked in all the other kitchen cabinets and still didn't find any. Please give Nanny Laurie a call if the Cosequin needs to be administered (and let us know where it is!) Indeed, Reilly tried to eat everyone else's food after he finished his. I did my best to keep him out of the others' food, and keep him from drinking too much water while he ate. I also enticed him away from the food bowl with the cat charmer. He would play with it for awhile, and then remember there was still someone else's food he hadn't finished yet! It was funny. I did find a bit of vomit by the front door.  Looks like someone scarfed down (without chewing) some dry food and then spit it right back up.  Otherwise my visit was full of playing with the cats. Reilly

was especially game to play with the cat charmer, but Dottie joined in

for some of the fun too. Sully wanted to get up on the couch with me

and sniff around and get to know me. Very cute!
2006-12-26 17:04:42 GMT