How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI ( AM & PM VISITS) , Entry for December 1, 2006
Max was at the door again, as he has been everyday since you left and Nikki came right out and rolled on her back for tummy rubs right away. Both had finished all their food from last night and Nikki looked so comfortable on the yellow baby blanket that I brought her "breakfast in bed" so to speak which she really appreciated. Max thought that was just too much though and came right over and tried to eat up the whole plate as fast as he could! ha! Oh yes! I'm having complete success now giving Max his pill with the Greenies. I pop it right in his mouth with it. Works just great! When I left I covered Max in the blanket on the chair and he looked quite comfortable. PM - We played alot with the lazer light - Max actually ran around quite a bit - always good to see:) Both ate very well from morning and were ready for treats and dinner too.  So all's well here!
2006-12-03 00:43:28 GMT