How's My Kitty?
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GRAYCIE & ONYX, Entry for November 27, 2006

Both the kitties were out and about today. It's so great to have Graycie coming right up the stairs everyday without being afraid. Spent extra time with them today as things slowed down just a bit.  After breakfast and playtime I worked on my laptop at the table and Onyx laid right next to me. He's getting cuddlier and cuddlier by the day and he'll be so glad to have mom and dad back full time I'm sure. He also likes drinking from the water in the bath which I left slightly dripping today for him, because he was enjoying so much. We have some clients that leave the water dripping everyday. They say it adds up to one shower per day. I'd like to believe that's true, cause the cats seem to enjoy it alot !

2006-11-29 04:12:40 GMT