How's My Kitty?
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SMOKEY & TIGRE ( AM & PM VISITS) , Entry for November 23, 2006

Oh my... I arrived to find a bag of litter outside the front door this morning.  I was so tired last eve I think I may have forgotten to scoop the litter and perhaps Karen came by and did it for me - or else it may already have been there?  Also, I was so overwhelmed by Smokey actually coming out and jumping on the counter that I think it totally distracted me from the normal routine. Ah well... We're back to normal today - Smokey stayed under the diningroom table this morning.. sigh. But both had eaten up all their food from last night. I gave Smokey lots of pets nevertheless and Tigre just couldn't sniff me enough - with ALL the kitty smells everywhere. In the evening, Smokey was sleeping downstairs and Tigre ran to the door when I arrived. He helped me prepare dinner - rubbing up against the cans and making it rather challenging to scoop and serve:) But mission accomplished.

2006-11-24 02:36:33 GMT