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MAX & NIKKI ( PM VISIT), Entry for November 22, 2006
Tonight Max and Nikki were kind of testy!  They kept fighting with each other and Maxie seemed to know that coming up to Nikki from behind was going to get her going, so he just kept doing it!  He seems like such the younger sibling, always trying to get on his older sister's nerves! Finally I had to separate them so they would play nice and I distracted them with treats:)  There was some diarrhea outside the box tonight, so if there are any more troubles tomorrow I'll keep you posted.  Both have eaten all the wet food (I think I've figured out that they both like the fishy stuff!) and are drinking plenty of water.  Neither of them have been acting strangely so I bet it's just a little upset tummy.  Everyone was quiet and peaceful by the time I left (although we'll have to see how long that lasts!).
2006-11-23 06:18:58 GMT