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ONYX & GRAYCIE, Entry for November 21, 2006

*** IMPORTANT! I've left you messages today.  The kids are great but the front door deadbolt suddenly not working with the key. It's broken and I had a devil of a time getting in today, took me 20 panicky minutes. More importantly I was not able to lock it when I left.  Please advise asap as your home is not secure right now.  *******

PM VISIT KITTY DETAILS: The kids are doing very well. Both Onyx & Graycie came right out when I arrived and had their treats. That Graycie though tried to steal everyone of Onyx's away!! I could not believe it. She'd even try to grab it right out of his mouth. So I had to  distract her -- in fact, I'm seeing she's got quite the dominant little personality. If Onyx is on the chair, she licks and bites him until he gets fed up and hops off. Then she hops on!! Of course she ran after all the toys too before he could.. sheesh! No wonder he gets fed up from time to time:) I would too! I stayed with them for quite awhile today working on my laptop and they stay right in the room with me coming by occassionally for pets. Right now Graycie's napping in her little bed under the chair a couple feet away and Onyx is stretched out on the floor. I turned the heat up just a tad for them, because it felt very cold in here. Oh now just because I started talking to Onyx-- Graycie just got up out of her chair and wants attention too.  Oh boy, we've got our paws full with this little firecracker:))

2006-11-22 00:04:51 GMT