How's My Kitty?
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SIMBA & SCHNURRBART, Entry for November 10, 2006

(Note from Laurie: Chelsey will be sending you a comment on the heat soon.  Here's her news for today!)

Simba was right in the hallway when I arrived today, and came right over to say hello! I was surprised he was so social because yesterday he was a bit shy. Shnurrbart was very friendly too, and immediately started purring when I came over to pet her. Because Shnurrbart couldn't get enough pets, I decided to get out the brush and she got a nice grooming which she absolutely loved! I tried to give  Simba the same treatment, who was relaxing on the back of the couch, but he wasn't very fond of the smaller black brush. However, I tested out the other brush and he liked it! Both kitties seemed to be in good spirits, so I think they are keeping each other company quite well. They also enjoyed their treats , and are eating about half of their bowl of food. Hope your trip is going well! cheers!

2006-11-11 15:05:28 GMT