How's My Kitty?
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MILLIE & MAY, Entry for November 9, 2006
Well the little angels were right at the door to greet me this afternoon and ready for lots of attention. The house looks like a kitty wonderland with all their toys everywhere! It's great! May was the bravest and came right up for lots of pets immediately while Millie rolled around on her back at a little distance for awhile. They'd eaten a fair amount of the treats you left and bits were everywhere, so I put the remainder on a small plate to tidy up a bit. I set down their lunch/dinner, but they were too excited to eat right away. So we played alot with the laser and the leopard wand for a bit. Then they followed me up to the litter boxes, which I had a devil of a time figuring out... Nothing went in the tray! But I managed to clean them anyway. I know this isn't rocket science, so I'll try to use my brain on this puzzle again tomorrow:)). After that, we went back upstairs and I was able to give Millie a nice brush - May on the other hand wasn't interested. When I left, Millie was on the Parson's Table ( is that right ) surrounded by the toys I piled around her and May was reaching up trying to get them away from her. So.... a pretty good visit overall ! More tomorrow!
2006-11-10 03:51:04 GMT