How's My Kitty?
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MAX, Entry for November 4, 2006
Max met me at the door this afternoon, meowing.  I picked him up and gave him a little loving, during which he purred and rubbed his head on my face.  He's a sweet boy.  After feeding him his wet food and scooping his litterbox (I noticed that he has been eating his dry food), I combed him a little bit, but he seemed more interested in chewing on the comb, so I went hunting for his mouse on a string.  After I found it in the bedroom, we had a nice, long playtime.  He's quite a jumper, but a little bit of a klutz.:)) He hasn't quite got the landing on his feet part down.  It's pretty cute.  I think he pulled the two wooden windchimes down off the wall behind the TV, so I picked those up and untangled them and rehung them.  Hopefully he won't pull them down again.  He's a very sweet kitty, and I look forward to seeing him tomorrow!
2006-11-05 15:46:32 GMT
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Those stupid windchimes don't seem to like being on that mirror. If they look like they're precarious, or Max seems extra interested in them, go ahead and take them down. You can just put them on the desk in the office. Glad you found the mouse. Max loves that thing. He carries it around like a kitten.
2006-11-05 16:13:01 GMT
When I went back today, they were still up, so he must be leaving them alone.
2006-11-05 19:35:18 GMT