How's My Kitty?
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ANNA ( AM & PM VISITS), Entry for November 3, 2006
I knew Anna was a cute cat, and a talkative cat, and a furry cat- but I didn't know that she was a scardy cat! Today I pulled out the vacum to clean the living room rug and that is when I lost site of Anna! I knew she didn't get out. So I called for her here and there and she called back from under the bed in another room! It took some coaxing, and it took me sweeping infront of her, to get her to come out from there. Tomorrow you're returning so I wanted to mention that I did have to buy more kibble and  litter so you'll have plenty when you get back. Anna will be so happy to see you. I hear her meowing right away when the key slips into the door from the other side. I have enjoyed caring for her a lot (and even thought about stealing her away, but my cats simply wouldn't have it.) I have a white and gray fur covered coat to remind me until the next time I can care for her (and I'll keep the vacum IN the closet.) Well - I'll see her bright and early tomorrow  morning for my last visit! Have a safe flight back!
2006-11-04 16:47:21 GMT