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JOE & FRANK, Entry for November 2, 2006

Bonjour mes amis!!! Been to Les Crayeres yet? Oh yes... I forgot to mention the price:)) Maybe $600 for dinner for two might be a tad high eh?? haha. Still - it's unimaginably delicious. In any case, the boys are doing great. We had a treat fest by the bed yesterday as Freddie and I slowly got Joe to inch out and join us - one treat closer at a time. Finally he just had to come out and get the last one:)). Freddie was sociable as usual and demanding tummy rubs on the counter and diningroom floor at every opportunity. I also had him running around as usual after his toys on the "slippery" wood floors. I love the way he slides around. Yesterday was particularly funny. I tossed a toy in the kitchen area - but instead of running after it - he jumped up fast on the kitchen counter and slid all the way down - finally stopped by large vase. Thank goodness it's so heavy. Still... he makes me nervous doing that:)) Will try to keep out exercises in the livingroom-diningroom area. Cheers!

2006-11-03 16:28:11 GMT