How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI ( AM & PM VISITS ), Entry for November 1, 2006
AM & PM Max and Nikki were their chatty selves.  Max met me at the door
meowing! I tidied their litter and refreshed their food and water.
Max is always right at the plate to eat but gets distracted when I fill the
kibble bowl. It's like he forgets that the kibble is ALWAYS there and
the wet food is best when it's first plated. Nikki was her usual
affectionate self, well she was affectionate until she was tired of me,
that is! She came and sat right in my lap when I was sitting at the
table, but then when I wanted to move my arms out from under her she
would have none of it! She finally got sick of me and decided my books
were a better bed and proceeded to purr there for a good solid half
hour or so! Max started begging so before I left I gave each of them a
treat and extra love. I left two happy kitties tonight :)
2006-11-02 14:19:09 GMT