How's My Kitty?
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OPAL & SAPPHIRE, MR. EEL et al, Entry for October 20-21, 2006
Oct. 20, I had a great visit this evening with Sapphire and Opal. Opal was

sitting in a chair at the table when I arrived – How cute!!! I pet her for awhile, and she did the adorable sit where she lays down and sprawls her feet all the way in back of her body! She loved to be pet, and I even got a little brushing in. We also played with her wand, but when she got bored she retreated to her tent. Sapphire was under the bed again when I found her. It was her pill day, so I cut up her pill into tiny pieces and hid it in a few treats. She didn't seem to mind at all! She enjoyed the treat, but wasn't very happy about her nap being interrupted, so I let her sleep away much of the visit. I also added some water to make sure the line at the bottom of the fish tank doesn't come close to minimum, and now it is perfectly in between! I hope you are having a great last few days of your vacation!

Oct. 21, Time flew by during my visit with Opal and Sapphire this morning. It was unfortunately my last visit with these two lovely kitties, and I am certainly going to miss them! Sapphire was very friendly this morning, and came to greet me. I pet her for quite some time, and then she followed me into the kitchen while I refilled the two bowls. Sapphire was hiding away under the kitchen table, and didn't seem like she wanted to receive much attention. Mr. Eel popped his little head right out of his shell today, and ate a majority of the food that I fed him, with the exception of a few bites that was stolen away by other fish. Right as I was about to leave this morning, I found Opal sitting in her little box with the rope on it, and couldn't resist. I pulled her around the living room like a little queen! It was sad to leave these two!  I hope you had a fabulous vacation!
2006-10-26 17:51:06 GMT