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OPAL, SAPPHIRE, MR. EEL et al, ( AM VISIT ), Entry for October 17, 2006
It was rainy day number two here in Chicago, and Opal and Sapphire still seem to be in good spirits. Only Sapphire was around to greet me this morning. I gave her breakfast and she seemed quite satisfied, and allowed me to pet her for a limited amount of time. I think Opal must have been sleeping, because it took her about 5 minutes to come greet me. After Opal showed up, she followed me everywhere for the remainder of the visit! She was my little sidekick while I fed the fish, and sat right by me to watch. We also played with her mouse on a string that we found in the African room. The fish are doing well, but I had some problems with Mr. Eel's eating habits today. He only ate about 4 pieces of shrimp, so I am going to try later tonight and see if he'll take more then. Take care!
2006-10-17 22:13:42 GMT